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  • Judelbop Takes Disneyland!

    I miss Disneyland because I was there last morning.  I like them because I like them. I like Splash Mountain and I like Pirates.  They go, “Yo ho!  Yo ho!  A pirates life for me,” like that!  And they have a Splash Mountain (waterfall) on that and that is a scary.  I go by Daddy.  […]

  • B&T in the Big D

    Bradley and I have a long standing tradition of self portraits.  We did it back in the day with film, and found that many of the pictures were some of our best, so we have kept the tradition.  Besides that, if we didn’t take advantage of my husband’s long arms, we’d never have pictures with […]

  • The Disney Adventure of Princess Guinevere

    We went to Disneyland a few days ago.  My favorite ride was the Ariel ride.  It is a new ride at Disney California.  I liked it because of the Under the Sea song.  When you got to the Under the Sea song part of the ride Sebastian starts singing, star fishes are swinging around and […]

  • Where Do You Stay?

    A question we get A LOT about Disneyland is, “Where do you stay?” We’ve stayed at a variety of hotels: The Anaheim Howard Johnson:  A decent place within authentic walking distance from the park.  Has a GREAT kid’s pool, but the rooms are just fine with plain old non-pillow topped mattresses. The Candy Cane Inn:Nice […]


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