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  • The Galleria of Weirdy Beard

    All these years Bradley thought he couldn’t grow a beard.  All these years he said it was thin, it was holey, and he lamented his inability to really grow a good beard.  I was secretly (okay, not so secretly) happy that a beard seemed out of his realm as I had no desires to kiss […]

  • Jude & the baby angel

    While taking off their shoes on the porch, Jude asked Tamara about the little angel statue with broken wings that rests there. Tamara explained that we got it to represent our first baby, which we lost. Jude thought about it and asked, “so she is an angel?”. Then after a pregnant pause he added, “so […]

  • Not a Paid Advertisement

    We are not fast food people.  We don’t believe in McDonalds, essentially, and only turn to those kinds of places on vacations.  In fact, Burger King is often one of the first places we hit on the way out of town to, well, anywhere, such a treat is all of that greasy salty goodness.  Believe […]

  • Phone Files

    I was looking at a blog recently of a former high school classmate and she includes an entry every once in a while called “What My Phone Saw This Week.”  I love this idea.  Not everything I photograph or think about fits neatly into a blog entry.   I don’t have a lot to say or […]

  • Tooth Bugs

    I just checked Jude’s toothbrushing and asked, “you sure you brushed good? So there are no bugs left crawling in there?”. He immediately started crying and said, “I need some help!”.


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