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  • Macy’s Santa Claus Parade

    We continued our yearly tradition of visiting the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade this morning. This year was our best. We were out the door on time, in Seattle on time, parked on time and EVEN had a curbside spot before the first group made its way down 4th avenue. The kids had a great time, […]

  • It’s Thanksgiving!

    It was just the Lj four gathered around our table yesterday. We had originally planned to wear pajamas, but then Jude bought a tie, so we all donned some fancy clothes and tucked in to our tofurkey. Before we were allowed to take one bite, Jude asked us to bow our heads and offer up […]

  • Walk

    The sun is falling earlier these days. Daylight savings makes the light shift that much more acute, making us feel like squirrels bedding down for the winter. We feel ourselves curling up in our den around the fire with our favorite blankies, books and mugs of warm something or others. It’s a good time of […]

  • Spahhhhh…

    To celebrate the big decade switch-a-roo and my mom’s impending birthday, my mom sprung for a spa package at the Tulalip Resort Hotel. It was pretty awesome. I have been to a Korean spa before, but this was different. This was the kind of place where you’re not even expected to undress alone much less […]

  • Him

    My mortal coil is intertwined so closely with this man. I love him boundlessly. Every night before we go to sleep I remind him that he is my best friend, I tell him I love him and repeat, again, that everything good in my life comes from being with him. It just needs to be […]


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