Our Independence Day was simple and sweet. The kids both declined to be in the kiddie parade (we’re too big!) or to go to the Kirkland parade (it’s just a bunch of old guys in classic cars, mom!) so we satisfied ourselves with a baking project. Gigi made beautiful pinwheel sugar cookies that were gobbled up as soon as we laid them on the table at the party, and Jude made red, white and blue spritzers. They are now his specialty, if you were wondering. 😉


Once all of our baking was done, we barbecued some deliciousness, then headed down to the delaney’s home for an official throw down! There were a bajillion kids running around, so excited for the opportunity to assist with actual fire! The dads appeared to have a good time too. Everyone who wanted one got a sparkler, and then it started happening. After each firework was lit, a stream of kids would rush down the driveway. It was cute until, with each wave, a new kid started tripping on nothing we could see and slamming their faces into cement! After the third or fourth kid got a fat lip, the party broke up before anyone lost a tooth.



Our night ended in the church parking lot, once again, lighting off our rockets and fountains with the rest of the yahoos. It was a fabulous fourth!

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Independence Day


Gigi Said

  • Topless Tapas 2012-11-03 18:44:52-

    Tami was leaving to go out with her friend and the kids begged to go with her. I said, "you don't want to go with mom, she is going to the Tapas bar and we are going to stay here and play games."

    Gigi stiffened, "That's weird", she said as she blushed. I processed fast and realized the problem. "TAPAS bar. It means 'small plate', not TOPLESS bar!"

Jude Said

  • Nicknames 2013-01-04 21:30:33-

    The checker at the store asked our always conversational little boy what his name was. He replied "Jude" then added "but sometimes they call me pumpkin brown". LOL.

    And they are right. We call him that after the folksong that we sing sometimes.

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