On March 5th, I made my way into the runner’s world. It was a 12 minute slow-poke down the block about half a mile before my lungs about burst from their ribs and my thighs burned. But it felt good. So I went again. And again. And again.
The days stretched into weeks, the weeks into months, and now I’m coming up on 100 miles run in the past few months. These days I average between 12-15 miles a week, sometimes more if we go for a solid hike too. Along the way, I picked up a few other runners- Guinevere and Bradley, sometimes Jude!
Spring came and with it came track and field. I’m telling you what, my girl CAN RUN. She runs the 440 and consistently comes in second and third. She runs her heart out and believes in herself and her abilities. Yesterday she raced her dad. He said he relaxed and let her run ahead a little, then realized she was whipping ahead at such a rate that he had to pick up the pace otherwise he’d lose BAD. In the end, it was a close call, but the girl took the trophy home.

Bradley is finally feeling better than he has in ages. His joints have healed and 3-4 afternoons per week we are ‘that’ couple. You know, the ones who run along, side by side, chirping about their day and chugging along? Yep, that’s us now.
But my favorite side effect of it all is the confidence I’m seeing in my kids. The fitness I’m seeing in their bodies. The healthy choices that are setting the scene for a long healthy life. And the gravy? It is one more thing that brings our little family together. One more tie that binds. We want all of those things we can get.
And if I may brag just a LITTLE more? My kid is an amazing runner. Just amazing. I couldn’t be prouder of her. It is SO exciting to watch her run, to see her swerve to the center, to see her burst out in front of those other girls, to see her come around that final bend, her face contorted as she gives it her all – then more! When she collapses on the grass at the end, her breath ragged, she deserves that moment of rest. I cant see how she has anything more to give. I love her spirit, her drive, perseverance and determination. She is just amazing.


You are all amazing. I am so proud of your dedication and family efforts!!

Mom added these pithy words on May 27 13 at 1:01 pm
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Gigi Said

  • Topless Tapas 2012-11-03 18:44:52-

    Tami was leaving to go out with her friend and the kids begged to go with her. I said, "you don't want to go with mom, she is going to the Tapas bar and we are going to stay here and play games."

    Gigi stiffened, "That's weird", she said as she blushed. I processed fast and realized the problem. "TAPAS bar. It means 'small plate', not TOPLESS bar!"

Jude Said

  • Nicknames 2013-01-04 21:30:33-

    The checker at the store asked our always conversational little boy what his name was. He replied "Jude" then added "but sometimes they call me pumpkin brown". LOL.

    And they are right. We call him that after the folksong that we sing sometimes.

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