The end of the school year is like a vacuum – we all get sucked into this vortex of insanity!  Things come flying at you in need of immediate attention while trying to navigate through regular life!  Add to that my recertification process and we Lj’s have been kind of absent on Littlejohnesque, but we’ve been present in life.  What have we been up to?  Well, lemme tell ya…












We’ve gone on lots of hikes and walks through our local parks.  One of Jude’s favorite things to do on his walks is set bear traps, with berries and sticks, then he like to return to see what the bears have done.  Thus far, no luck catching one of those pesky bears!












We’ve had awesome sleepovers with cousins and grandparents from both sides!  Its been a hoopla of socialization for the littlest Littlejohns lately – and they have been thrilled.

IMG_6415 IMG_6436 IMG_6410
























We celebrated 14 years of marriage with yummy indian food, a walk on the beach and lots of ooey gooey, long looks into one anothers’ eyes.  Just as it should be.  🙂













We’ve spent a lot of time at track meets watching our daughter blossom into a confident and capable athlete.  At the beginning of the year she was resistant and scared to truly try, to succeed so we approached it like piano lessons – she didn’t have a choice.  Our hope was that with continued effort she would see the fruits of her labors, improve and build some self esteem.  It worked.  She sees herself as an athlete who might, one day, be an olympian.  Such an amazing kid.  And we are so proud of not only her athleticism and skills, but also her attitude and sense of self!  Yahoo!
















There was a picnic at the school, complete with sub sandwiches and a lavender bouquet to complete the picnic.  The only thing missing was Mama and the ants!

IMG_6481 IMG_6490 IMG_6626











We’ve been running.





…and running.





…and running more!





















There’s been tree climbing galore – because what’s a June without some stellar tree climbage?















Jude created his own ‘Camp Read A Lot’ based on the one I had in class.  I came home to find this little scene, complete with fire and tent, not to mention the happy little boy who had his books open, utterly engaged in his letters and the stories they tell!

IMG_6577 IMG_6624











And let’s not forget, we had a child spend her last day as a third grader.  Next year we have a fourth grader and a kindergardener.  Unbelievable.

In addition to all this, there was my classroom to clean up and put away and all the end of the year magic for me!  We hosted my class at our house one rainy Wednesday for an after party where 17 kids showed up, it was fabulous!  And finally, Bradley and I are wrapping up the last of my papers for my pro-cert process.  By the end of this week we will officialy be in summer mode!  Wahoo!


WOW!!! It HAS been a busy month!! Happy family, happy life! xoxo

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Gigi Said

  • Topless Tapas 2012-11-03 18:44:52-

    Tami was leaving to go out with her friend and the kids begged to go with her. I said, "you don't want to go with mom, she is going to the Tapas bar and we are going to stay here and play games."

    Gigi stiffened, "That's weird", she said as she blushed. I processed fast and realized the problem. "TAPAS bar. It means 'small plate', not TOPLESS bar!"

Jude Said

  • Nicknames 2013-01-04 21:30:33-

    The checker at the store asked our always conversational little boy what his name was. He replied "Jude" then added "but sometimes they call me pumpkin brown". LOL.

    And they are right. We call him that after the folksong that we sing sometimes.

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