It was just the Lj four gathered around our table yesterday. We had originally planned to wear pajamas, but then Jude bought a tie, so we all donned some fancy clothes and tucked in to our tofurkey.

Before we were allowed to take one bite, Jude asked us to bow our heads and offer up our gratitude. As we went around the table, be closed his eyes so tight and listened to each of us so earnestly. Thankfulness was paramount in that moment. 🙂

We followed our feasting up with a visit to our neighbor’s house, where we shared a Thanksgiving toast and several pieces of pie. We got to enjoy the just right amount of family-ish feeling togetherness when we headed back across the street where…

We decorated our Christmas tree!
Let the Christmas season begin!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s Thanksgiving!


Gigi Said

  • Topless Tapas 2012-11-03 18:44:52-

    Tami was leaving to go out with her friend and the kids begged to go with her. I said, "you don't want to go with mom, she is going to the Tapas bar and we are going to stay here and play games."

    Gigi stiffened, "That's weird", she said as she blushed. I processed fast and realized the problem. "TAPAS bar. It means 'small plate', not TOPLESS bar!"

Jude Said

  • Nicknames 2013-01-04 21:30:33-

    The checker at the store asked our always conversational little boy what his name was. He replied "Jude" then added "but sometimes they call me pumpkin brown". LOL.

    And they are right. We call him that after the folksong that we sing sometimes.

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