Jude and I had the house to ourselves today and it made me realize just how infrequently he and I get that one on one time since Guinevere is only in Kindergarten half day and his nap takes place while she is there.  Next year there will be a lot more opportunities together once Guinevere is in full-time first grade and the house is done.

This day only came about because I went into urgent care yesterday when the stomach flu was so obviously NOT the stomach flu in my case, and they gave me some lovely medication to stop all the bile and burning and vomiting and other nastiness that has been going on since Thursday.  I have GERD, meaning my tummy is betraying me and burning holes in my stomach and esophogus.  While it will make laying the flooring in the house excruciating, it has blessed me with a morning where Gigi went to school in the AM with Tamara and Jude and I had a lazy play/ laundry day.

Tarzan swings hit booty this way and that

We kicked off the morning with some oatmeal and watching Tarzan, something I have not shown him before.  He loved it and set up little stations in the house to climb up and dance around like Tarzan.

Tarzan pays attention

About a half hour into the movie Jude went in his room and came running out with these Julius shorts.  Apparently a monkey in sunglasses is the closest thing he could imagine to Tarzan appropriate attire.


So he suited up and I shot some pics of his swinging Jungle Action.  I think Tarzan is a new favorite.  There are certainly a lot similarities between the King of the Jungle and my own little baby gorilla.

After Tarzan we needed to take it down a notch or two; all that Jungle swinging inevitably leads to bumps bruises and things that go boom. We settled in for some books. Good ones, like Sally Goes to The Farm.


What started with a book about paper airplanes turned into a drawing session. The airplanes quickly turned into crumpled paper in his hands that, frustratingly, were no longer airworthy. Jude’s drawings are kinetic and fill the page up with his intense scribbles. It is fascinating to see the personality in an artist even when they are only two years old. Guinevere’s art has always been rooted, designed and thoughtful, while Jude’s have always shown all that vigor and wildness.
Drawing 2

At this point the sleepy boy is next to me as I write this and his eyes look very heavy. I liked today. I really needed this morning. I want to get the house done pronto, but Jude’s head laying in my lap is the whole reason I committed to wrecking myself making that silly house in the first place. I think it will still be there waiiting for more paint tomorrow. Or the next day, we’ll see how things go.

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Tarzan Stays Home


Gigi Said

  • Topless Tapas 2012-11-03 18:44:52-

    Tami was leaving to go out with her friend and the kids begged to go with her. I said, "you don't want to go with mom, she is going to the Tapas bar and we are going to stay here and play games."

    Gigi stiffened, "That's weird", she said as she blushed. I processed fast and realized the problem. "TAPAS bar. It means 'small plate', not TOPLESS bar!"

Jude Said

  • Nicknames 2013-01-04 21:30:33-

    The checker at the store asked our always conversational little boy what his name was. He replied "Jude" then added "but sometimes they call me pumpkin brown". LOL.

    And they are right. We call him that after the folksong that we sing sometimes.

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