• He’s a Babe

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    Raise your hand, if, like me, you think found your partner entirely based on personality, not looks.  

    I was all about the personality.  As a person who thought of herself as so average as to be edging toward homely, I was focused on developing my personality.  Reading a lot.  Being a maker.  Gardening.  Going out. If my bloom wouldn’t catch me a man, my sparkling personality had to do the trick. And what does a girl with said sparkling personality need for a successful partnership? A partner who sparkles right back.  

    And holy moly, did Bradley sparkle when I first met him: he walked into my apartment with that gorgeous smile and mopful of blonde hair, exuding ‘sparkling personality’ from the tips of his polished leather shoes, past the denim jeans-who’s-stitching-perfectly-matched-his-shirt, all the way up to his stunning, kind, bright-blue eyes.  Look at all that personality.  I was entranced.  We immediately launched into a heady conversation about the greater implications of Noah’s covenant with God, the rainbow and circumcision, but I can’t honestly say it was all personality that caught me.  My husband is a babe. Flat out, hands-down, he was then and continues to bemy hunka-hunka burnin’ love.  

    Not to say my husband’s personality is bland by any means, but I’m just going to sit back for a moment and DAY-UM!  Appreciate that fine man I married.  Happy 19th anniversary to my beautiful husband, outside and in.  😘

  • Celebrate Schools 5k

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    This was our sixth year running the Celebrate Schools 5k!  We went with a superhero theme this year- we had Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter.  Yes, he IS a superhero, too!  He flies and does magic.  Hello.  Gigi ran a sub 30 minute 5k and came in third, which made her pretty happy.  The rest of us were simply glad to muddle through the event.  

  • Pearl

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    You were here and gone in a flash. You existed just long enough to send us the most important message: you will be a family one day. And we are.  Thank you, little Pearl.  Every October 7th we remember you, we love you and we are grateful for the love, hope and life you brought to us.  Yes, even 15 years later. You’ll never leave our hearts, baby; you’re an Lj for eternity. 

    Love Always, 

    Mom & Dad

  • Iron Horse Half

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    When Guinevere was born, a colleague of Bradley’s told us the usual congratulations, but added that, “The world needs your children.” It’s something that has never left my thoughts; this profound responsibility of putting my best into the world to make the world a better place. It’s been almost 14 years of parenting this one and, while running 13.1 miles isn’t an absolute predictor of things gone right, it sure makes me feel like she and we are honoring our deal. The world needs people who will work hard for small goals with big impacts; it needs people with good hearts and stoic determination, people who are strong in spirit and fortitude, people who like to run through the woods and value our natural world, people who wait at the finish line and cheer for every person crossing it, people who understand the satisfaction of a job well done, people like my kid. I’m so proud of her for running with me to train, running through unpleasantly hot weather conditions, running thoughtfully through a minor injury and finishing this race. I’m proud that she understands how strong her body is and that she is a capable, healthy, powerful force to reckon with, no matter how quiet, demure and ladylike she may seem. This is MY kid, and the world does, indeed, need her.


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