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  • Pat-i-o! Patio!

    One of the fantasy pieces that Bradley and I REALLY wanted to have at our new property was a patio.  Not a deck, not a poured slab, but a bricked patio.  Well, folks, the dream is realized.  Over the past three weeks the patio has been installed, and already we are using the heck out […]

  • Ghost Hunter

    Martha scampered and mommy said: “Martha must have just seen a ghost”. Jude replied to me: “Martha saw a ghost. Like Scooby doo. It went ‘WOOOOO!!’”. He raises his arms and makes a ghost face. “Are you scared”, I asked. “No. I Batman. I hit the ghost and it go away”.

  • Belated Birthday (Part II)

    On March 19th 2008, three years ago, we woke up early and drove to the hospital for our 6:30 AM check in. Gigi was about to become a big sister and our family circle was about to become complete.  After all of the vitals were checked and I was well medicated, Dr. Banfield made the […]

  • Belated Birthday (part I)

    Jude turned three last Saturday.  THREE.  That means three years have flown by already and we only have two more until this boy will be starting kindergarten!  Jude’s life thus far has been very busy.  His first birthday was during the planning phase of our house building and during my completion of the National Boards, […]

  • Rock God Needs Love Gun

    So something snapped in me the other day and I had this urge to own a non-traditional rock god guitar.  I don’t wanna rock… I just want the Edge’s Explorer, Brian Jones’ Vox, or even Randy Rhodes’ Flying V but my amps are mothballed and I am in more of an acoustic place in my […]


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