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  • Ready for Summer!

    We have been furiously working on our patio and gardens over here at LJ House in preparation for warmer weather!  If you follow our blog, then you know that before Spring Break we had the patio laid by our friend Javier, then we bought the hot tub and just appreciated that as is for a […]

  • Easter

    Easter came and went on Sunday, of course with all of the early morning fanfare one would expect.  Our biggest news?   The Easter Bunny hid some eggs in the pantry IN THE FLOUR BIN!  It would seem that poor old EB figured out a little too late the mess that it would make, and we […]

  • Star Wars at the Pacific Science Center

    For those of you who don’t know, my man is a pretty big Star Wars fan.  When I met him, I knew that Star Wars was a part of his past, but then he embraced his inner child/geek, and it became an even bigger part of our lives.  On our honeymoon through California, we went […]

  • Ice Cream Hands

    Tamara asked Jude “Do you need to wash your hands? They have ice cream on them.” Jude replied, “No thanks, I just lick them.”

  • Sweet Boy

    My Judel-Noodle, the Judelbop, Juju, AKA Jude is becoming a snuggler.  And we love it!


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