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  • Lost & Found

    Jude was in bed for the night when my mom came over. She picked him out of the crib and we chatted while she was holding him. She put him down and continued to socialize. A lightbulb went off over Tamara’s head and she bolted for the back door, open since Jude was asleep. We […]

  • Caterpillars Are Gross

    These caterpillars are disgusting!  They poop a lot and their cage is full of poop!  At the beginning they were very cute and I loved them.  I even kissed their jar!  Now I would never kiss them.  I am surprised that they got so big.  Now that they are big I just hate looking at […]

  • Cookie Dip

    Jude learned a new skill today: dipping a cookie in milk.  He agrees, there is nothing like chocolate cookies and milk.  Here is his process: Step 1: Acquire cookie Step 2: Dip cookie in milk.  Best done with entire fist. Step 3:  Eat and enjoy with the entirety of being. Step 4:  Drink/spill milk then […]

  • Gigi is a Reader

    It warmed my heart to walk into Gigi’s room this evening to tuck her in and find her like this: …reading every word that she knows!  I love my girl.  She is so amazing. Oh, and yes!  She is sleeping IN HER OWN BED IN HER OWN ROOM these days!!!  Granted, there is a High […]

  • Betraying Martha: The Littlejohns Hit the Trail!

    Almost daily we take a family bike ride that would make Martha drool.  She would love to go with us on our daily adventure, but there would most certainly be a mishap if she were to come.  First, she hates to run.  She would lollygag, sniff around and get left behind.  Second, if she did […]


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