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    Ran 3.16 miles in 29 mins and felt good. Pretty good run. Felt like a guilty pleasure because I took time to run and there are so many … #

  • Today’s Tweets

    A pox on both your houses! Jude Looks like I sat around dabbing him with a marker all day. Too bad this stuff doesn’t wash off like Crayola. # Spent my idle moments learning to use a Linux Terminal today. One part geekalicious brainy-muscle/can-do and two parts WTF. #

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    Today played like a level of Super Mario Bros. Jump! Swim! Figure out the secret. Find the boss! What? The princess is in another castle! #

  • Return of the Pox!

    An Empire divided!  Princess Guinevere and her Mother Tamara Amidala are called to the Galactic Senate (Hilltop Elementary School) for bring your daughter to work day. Daddy-wan Kenobi and his Padawan learner, Jude Skywalker, encounter the Dark Side when Jude’s Chicken Pox manifest themselves and make for a very fussy and busy little boy.  The […]

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    Leave The Desk… on Flickr – Photo Sharing! http://bit.ly/EKQ48 #feedly # The new layout is overwhelming but neat. I am excited because it looks like we are getting more features like calorie tracking, weight … #


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