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  • Spring Garden

    We spent Saturday morning in the vegetable garden planting peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and basil.  I had the two best little helpers a mama could ask for as both of the babies hunkered down next to me and one another silently pushing the seeds into the ground with their gloved thumbs.  The seeds got […]

  • Half Birthday

    Today marks Gigi’s 8.5 birthday!  Congratulations, my darling eight and a half year old!

  • Adventure Is Out THERE!

      Jude all ready to explore the great outdoors in all of his outdoor explorer regalia!  Adventure is out there!!

  • Swing Slide Play

    Last year we bought that play structure for our kids at Costco.  You know the one, with the twirly slide, a club house, picnic table AND swings?   Yeah, that one.  Sadly, we needed to finish the fence before we finished building it and it just didn’t seem to happen  No one’s fault, of course, but […]

  • Black Crows on Easter Morning

      Last night the Easter bunny checked Kenmore’s weather before heading over and hiding our eggs in the backyard outside. EB has never hid the eggs outside in my lifetime, but Bradley’s Easter bunny did and he talks about it like it was magical and special, so we branched out and gave the go-ahead and […]


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