Raise your hand, if, like me, you think found your partner entirely based on personality, not looks.  

I was all about the personality.  As a person who thought of herself as so average as to be edging toward homely, I was focused on developing my personality.  Reading a lot.  Being a maker.  Gardening.  Going out. If my bloom wouldn’t catch me a man, my sparkling personality had to do the trick. And what does a girl with said sparkling personality need for a successful partnership? A partner who sparkles right back.  

And holy moly, did Bradley sparkle when I first met him: he walked into my apartment with that gorgeous smile and mopful of blonde hair, exuding ‘sparkling personality’ from the tips of his polished leather shoes, past the denim jeans-who’s-stitching-perfectly-matched-his-shirt, all the way up to his stunning, kind, bright-blue eyes.  Look at all that personality.  I was entranced.  We immediately launched into a heady conversation about the greater implications of Noah’s covenant with God, the rainbow and circumcision, but I can’t honestly say it was all personality that caught me.  My husband is a babe. Flat out, hands-down, he was then and continues to bemy hunka-hunka burnin’ love.  

Not to say my husband’s personality is bland by any means, but I’m just going to sit back for a moment and DAY-UM!  Appreciate that fine man I married.  Happy 19th anniversary to my beautiful husband, outside and in.  😘

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