Sigh of Relief

I haven’t changed a thing except my intensity. You know how the trainers on tv and in every book or online article you’ve ever read they say if you hit a plateau you need to change something? Welp, that was definitely the case. I haven’t changed my diet or the amount I exercise,* but I did change my intensity.
I’ve been going back and forth about what to do, as you know. I’ve been really focused on building lean muscle mass while also burning fat. That is a really tricky proposition because the workouts and diets to reach each goal are fairly different. I decided to not concern myself with any more muscle build until I get the fat off of me. After the fat is gone, then I can kind of bulk up a little, I guess.
So what am I doing that is different? I dialed back the intensity of my workouts so my heart never goes above149 or below 130 during my workout. It’s working well- I’m finally below 208 and I’m back to my all-time low of in the 205’s! Yahoo! Clearly this is working and I should keep it up.


After sitting for an entire summer, watching the scale go up and down, hitting anywhere from 208-218, I am so glad to see movement of my weight to under 208! I know it’s not much, but I feel like doing a victory dance. My nutrition and high activity level are working together, again, in my benefit. Maybe I should have bought that eyelash extension Groupon; I may earn my reward for getting under 200 sooner rather than later!

New Day, New School, New Year!

Yesterday a mass email and Facebook post went out to all of the teachers who left my school last year.* In it, we were wished a great start to a new year and words about missing seeing one another were shared. It triggered a huge outpouring of grief in me over missing out on seeing all of my former staff comrades, all of my former students, their families, their little brothers and sisters. I guess the community at large… It gave me a huge case of the sads, and I got a little worried about my year.
The worrying was needless.

This was my super-duper happy face as I left day one of the 2014-2015 school year!
This was my super-duper happy face as I left day one of the 2014-2015 school year!

So, the sads yesterday? HA! Today at about 2:00, I looked up at my class of buzzing 2nd graders. They were busily cutting out superheroes with scissors, picking up scraps, chatting quietly with friends and I was smacked upside the heart with pure joy. I am so happy that I can’t even believe it. I was sobbing when I told Bradley about my day, but not with tears of grief, sorrow or anxiety, I was sobbing happily. With joy.
These people:
2nd Grade Superstars
2nd Grade Superstars

I’m telling ya.
I’m a super lucky teacher this year. I’ve struck gold. 😉
*A tiny bit of backstory- last year the teachers at my school were given a rare opportunity to switch schools. Several of us were excited about change and a fresh start, so we set out to find new homes. Most of us landed at different schools, but we keep in touch and are a nice, little, supportive community.

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

We ran Friday! Dear reader, it has been a stone’s age since I’ve shared a derpy run pic of the day, but here you are, my sweaty mug, running down the road. We ran a little under two miles at a 11:30 pace. For hitting the actual, real-live road in front of our house again for the first time in a month, I’ll call it a success! Plus? I’ve now met one of my weekly goals- run outside. See how that goal list just propels me forward?!?!
Then, today, we called a couple of friends and had a fabulous time at the high school track running and walking for a little over an hour while the kids ran, walked and played. It was really fun to see two of my favorite friends and actually spend some uninterrupted time talking, running and walking with each of them. One of my friends and I are doing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in June of next year and the other is just beginning to run. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty well this week, so I let myself have a rest day and didn’t push too hard. Since she’s just starting, we only ran just under a mile and walked at a really good pace for the rest. It was a really fun way to get a workout in on the last official day of summer!

So, to recap my goals for the week:
I’m 4-5 miles in, two outdoor runs, I’ve got two days with 10,000 steps both days and I’ve already hit my 150 minutes of cardio.