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  • Painty, Shocky, Slidey, Cleany

    Tamara painted the bathroom. Bradley put new Shocks on the car and saved copious amounts of cash. Jude had a terrific time on the play area slides (causing us to revise the forecast that he did not like slides). Gigi says her best was helping the family do Spring Cleaning today, although I know she […]

  • Sleep Talking

    Jude’s main form of communication has centered around the word “hi” lately. It means so many things: up, I love you, NOW, mine, look at me, talk to me, and, of course, hi. Last night I was on my way to bed when I heard Jude rustling around, making small noises and bonking his head […]

  • Today’s Tweets

    I just ordered new shocks for the car. I have never put them on before. What a wonderful new experience for Spring. Isn’t life grand? # Family outing to see Grandma K. We hope she gets better. Jude was a superball the whole time we were there. #

  • BTGE Sticky Rice

    I think it safe to say that for each of us our best was just waking up on a Monday and not having to separate. We were like sticky rice all day long. This makes me want to make a faux logo for BTGE sticky rice. hmmm.

  • Today’s Tweets

    Jude & I are playing, while Gigi and mommy read… life is good. # We just booked a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. Hooray for indoor water parks! # Spring cleaning is under way here at the Littlejohnesque HQ # Amy, Danny & Madeline are over for a little visit. # We just ate […]


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