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  • Seattle With Friends

    On 12/30 a friend of mine and I took our kids to see the gingerbread houses at the Sheridan hotel downtown. Both of us had heard of it for years, neither of us had ever been, so we took that frigid, cold day by storm and saw the houses at last! Was it worth the […]

  • The Jolly Holiday

    Christmas started for us at 7:30 in the morning. Our kids crept oh-so-quietly into our room to gently wake us up and remind us that it was Christmas. Then they were sent to just-as-gently wake up Mimi and Bop-bop, brush their teeth and then wait at the top of the stairs like the running of […]

  • Christmas Celebrations

    Mom and Dad came over for Christmas this year and we Lj’s had our first-ever opportunity to host grown-up out of town visitors. This, of course, prompted massive (and necessary) room cleanings, which then made us realize how nice of spaces our kids get to occupy, which, of course, prompted reflections of future projects to […]

  • Satisfying Sunday

    We woke up to frost and sunshine this morning and my body was grateful. The Lj’s shuffled out the door, all sullen and grouchy, blinded by the bright sun, unsure if we should even be in the sun anymore. It felt like it had been a long time since we had seen her and we […]

  • Reflections

    Bradley took on the Reflections program at our kids’ school this year. I’m not going to go into the whole story about how a ten hour job turned into about ten times that, but I will say that Bradley put together a lovely program that encouraged the arts for our kids and all of the […]


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