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  • Dash

    Today Bradley had a late afternoon job to do, so I was left with a rare night alone with the kids. The weather was gorgeous, so we headed outdoors to take in our share of the sunshine. Our whole family is working together towards being healthy and active. Guinevere takes right to fitness and nutrition. […]

  • Snow

    We woke up to a surprise this morning. Of course this happened as I was pulling out of the driveway! Love my family. And that man of mine!

  • Birthday Boy

    Dear Jude, You’re five. Five for you means great things! Five is a bike with no training wheels, starting school, being big, earning responsibilities, more allowance! Five is growing up and trying new things! Five is the first step out of babyhood. Yep. You’re no longer a baby. You’re a boy.   To you, this […]


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