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  • Broccoli

    Not so long ago we made Jude eat a piece of broccoli. This was one teeny, tiny piece of broccoli, like the size of a dime. This one little piece of broccoli was all that stood between his chubby little hands and an Otter Pop. All he had to do was swallow. In the mouth […]

  • The End (of Kindergarten)

    Well, it has happened. We no longer have a baby. Gigi is officially an ‘elementary’ aged child. On the last day, a lovely friend of mine named Ms. Elvrum, walked up to give Gigi the official inspection. She looked Gigi over, smelled her, measured her, and sure enough, Gigi is now ready for first grade! […]

  • Sleeping Over

    a poem by By Gigi Littlejohn I am scared sometimes at sleepovers But I am strong I never give up I know I am safe I don’t think about being sad scared or homesick I think about nice things like Disneyland playing the Wii going out to dinner I have my blankie and my sucker […]

  • Grassland Office

    We went to the park yesterday and I realized that the color scheme for my office was right there in front of me.  As I posted earlier I have that really greenish green as my big high point and then the grey tone like the tall brush in the background, and I decided to match […]


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