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  • Let the Wookie Win

    The office has become the place to BE at our house especially for the two manliest Littlejohns. We write. We draw.  Play guitars. Do things to electronics that void warranties. Watch Word World, and play with action figures and Legos. The Chewbacca seen in the photos was a gift from Jude.  We tend to set […]

  • Wampa Stompa

    Jude likes to build with Legos while I am working in my office, and then collect his sculptures on my shelves and in the display cabinets.  It is really fun to have a revolving door of sculpture passing through constantly.             Today’s innovation began as a snowtrooper suspended in “ice” […]

  • It’s quiet

    You’re right. Littlejohnesque has gotten pretty quiet. It has everything to do with me – I’m losing weight and being all self centered about it. So self centered, in fact that I have an entire new blog based on my weightloss: http://www.littlejohnesque.com/shazam/

  • Side by Side Babies

                                        After my recent foray into comparatives, I realized how very interesting it can be to show growth over time so I decided to do a ‘first five years’ kind of timeline for the kids too.  Gigi is […]


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