• Vacation-y

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    Being on vacation is funny. It’s supposed to be all about relaxation and recharging your batteries, but theme park vacations are anything but relaxing! Since we left on Wednesday I haven’t slept in past 6:00 AM and haven’t gone to bed before 11:30! And guess what? It’s a fabulous vacation! Lol! Our vacations are almost always at Disneyland. We are just ‘those people’. Some like Hawaii, some go camping, we go to Disneyland. Never before have I been reminded of how much a creature of habit I am than this trip. Disneyland is relaxing to our family. I always just thought we liked it here and that’s why, but it really has more to do with our familiarity with the environment and straight up happiness than anything. This year we added the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios to our itinerary and oh my goodness if that wasn’t the most exhausting day on the books! We had to learn the map, see all new attractions and an entirely different method of processing entertainment.

    I won’t say we are uptight and pious, but we definitely shy away from cynicism, teasing, violence and, mayhaps, we’ve passed that onto our children because we had to keep coaching them- it’s ok! It’s funny to make fun of old people… Sometimes… Babies, too! Boogers are hilarious- so are farts! And it’s just fake blood! It’s not gross!  Don’t worry! They only pretended to cut her arm off! But they were chagrined and shocked by all the rude and insensitive humor! LOL! Psycho, with the motel, iconic house on the hill and actual, real life Norman Bates carrying his dead mother to the trunk of the car, then chasing us menacingly with a knife, freaked them out beyond the beyond and forget about Jaws. Straight up traumatic for my littles. They’re so not toughened up! By the time we walked around in the 85 degree heat in that environment with 10,000 other people for 15 hours, we were so ready for hotel and home-sweet-DISNEYLAND!

    The truly interesting part of this whole vacay thang this time ’round is that I always feel so authentically, entirely exhausted by the end of a theme park day, but I have yet to exceed 14,000 steps! Last time we vacationed in Disneyland we had a hotel walk to take every morning and night that resulted in a tremendous step boost to over 20,000 steps daily. I’ll be curious to see what actually shakes out as the average by the end of the trip. That said, my hips feel like I’ve been running ten miles a day. I realized that there’s a lot of standing in line and everywhere else and that definitely takes its toll on me. I’m planning a solid rest time upon our return home to insure I’ll be able to run the half marathon on the 28th!  The other interesting thing, regarding my body, is that my belt had to be tightened two notches since I got here.  Either I’m dehydrated or I’m losing some weight.  Hopefully it’s the latter and not the former.  😋

    High points from the trip so far:

    • The Live Frozen Musical in the Hyperion theater is just incredible- a parallel to the Aladdin show that lasted there for 14 years. I actually got teary a couple of times. I thought I’d heard Let it Go enough times to not get mushy about it, but it felt anthemic and girl powerish in a way that was pretty moving. Loved it!
    • Soarin’ was new! Before I’ve always soared over California, but they changed it to be worldwide. I saw the scope of the Great Wall of China and was able to show my kids specifically how the Bavarian castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are just a hop and a skip across the forest from one another, just like when I saw them in real life. It allowed my family to see things, to travel the world in a super accessible way and it was fairly emotional to me as I love, Love, LOVE travel but can’t afford it on a grand scale often.  Last time I saw a different continent I was 23!
    • Turtle Talk with Crush (an interactive movie where a guy behind the scenes voices the character and talks with the audience while the turtle swims around on the screen) resulted in Jude being quizzed about his favorite food. Jude told Crush his favorite food is a banana because of its shape. 😳   Yep.  The audience literally gasped… Crush went silent….  And then he added because it’s shaped like the letter C. I was dying of silent laughter!  My sweetheart of a boy!
    • During our first morning at Disneyland, we cleaned up the entirety of Tomorrowland and also managed to ride Indiana Jones PLUS Thunder Mountain before 1:00! We were impressed!We learned to go to the opposite park as has the one that is hosting the Early Entry Magic Morning. The Disney Park (Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure) with the early entry is PACKED while the other park has been comparably empty. We banked a lot of solid, low-crowd-impact playtime by taking advantage of the schedule. šŸ˜‰
    • Chewbacca was the sweetest Wookie ever.  He lovingly caressed all of our faces, compared our hair color and lengths before hugging us the same way he hugs Han after he is released from the carbonite.  I’ll confess I may have cried a little.  The older I get the sappier (and happier) I get.


  • Hollywood

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    Today is Donnie Wahlberg’s birthday. My first major crush turned a yummy 47 distinguished years of age today so I just flew on down to Hollywood to canoodle with the NKOTB star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I curled up next to it, marveled at the star, maybe sang a quiet little ditty then moved on. But do you ever do one of those ‘just right’ things that makes you alarmingly happy in a fairly subtle kind of way? It just makes me so happy to do things for the 14 year old who lives within me, and she really wanted to say happy birthday to D-Dub today!

    After Donnie and I had our meeting of the minds on the hot and dirty Hollywood Boulevard, I got up, dusted off and went to see Robin Williams, Julie Andrews and all the other sights- weird and frightening to beautiful and sparky- we returned to our expensively, parking-ticketed car and headed to La Brea Tar Pits. We had planned on the Getty, too, but HA! By the time we were done looking at Dino bones it was 5:00 and time to drive in the traffic home to hotel. It’s no surprise that I hit my steps and even pushed past. Something tells me that this California vacay is going to be a busy one! I’m certain to get my steps in! It’s DISNEYLAND after all!

    But now? Today is long, starting at 3:45 and my droopy eyelids are sliding down… Harry Potter, tomorrow!

  • Ten Miles & Three ConversationsĀ 

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    • Mommy?  How much longer?
    • We are 2/10 of the way!  You’re amazing!
    • Wow!
    • Mommy?  How far is 2/10?  Can you just tell me?
    • Gigi!  You know it’s…  I meant to say 2/5.  You’ve gone 4 miles.  I was trying to be clever for my seventh grader.
    • Just tell me next time.  Your brain is not functioning properly right now.

    Oh how true.  Then:

    • I’m done, Mom.  Done, done, DONE!
    • Well…
    • Seriously.  How much longer?
    • We’ve gone 7 mi…
    • Oh good!  7 miles!  Just three more to go!  We can do that, it’s just a 5 K or three times around the smallest block…
    • MOMMY!  How much longer now?
    • We’ve gone 7.1 miles.  Stop asking.
    • I’m so over this run.


    • Are we there yet?
    • Seriously, Gi, does it look like we are there?  No car!  No parking lot!
    • I know, but how much longer!  I’M DONE!
    • Well, we have a few choices: I can baby you, coach you or bully you. Which do you choose?  I can call Daddy to come get you, we can walk and review how amazing this has been so far or I can turn into your drill sergeant and tell you that you have to get back to the car, one way or another, so hustle!  Help me help you.
    • You don’t have to do any of that.
    • No?
    • No.  It’s just fun to complain a little.  I’m having a great time.  I mean, I’m over it, but I am running ten miles today no matter what.

    And we did.

  • Bridal Veil Falls

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    We FINALLY got our first ‘outside of St. Edwards Park’ hike in today!  Yayyyyy!

    I always read about hikes and fall in love with pretty much every single one, so I posted on Facebook to get some suggestions beyond what we’ve already accomplished and got a short list in return that are going to be gorgeous!  Today we started out with a shorter hike and realized how very nice it is to get back on the trail!

    Bridal Veil Falls is on the way out to Steven’s Pass, right outside of Index.  If you’re not from Seattle, that’s about 90 minutes northeast of Seattle ;).  If you’re interested, you’re welcome to take advantage of our state’s relaxed ganja laws by stopping at the ‘Legal Weed’ store along the way to buy more marijuana than could ever be toked on the way to the trail by, say, a random selection of four 20-something dudes in a tiny, hotbox of a Honda, in an hour, but that’s what the trail is for!  Blaze on, hike up and blaze some more!  It seriously felt like we were walking through Hempfest 2016.  The smell of dank never left the air.  It was not an issue for me – I think weed is better smelling than cigarettes and you can try to fool yourself that it’s skunk cabbage- but it did make us giggle quite a bit.  Those college boys thought they were being so sneaky.  Tee hee!  Oh, to be so young and ‘daring’.  It’s funny, how you really think you’re breaking rules back then and now, when you watch all those ‘kids’ being silly like that from your forty-something perspective, you’re really just laughing along with them.  Silently laughing and without expression, but it’s there.  Any sense of disapproval, really, is for the sake of a potential teachable moment for any littles in the area, but is generally nonexistent and imagined.  Anyhow, that was kind of entertaining and cute.  And, as the top area at the falls is a decidedly smallish, shared space, the little copse of trees they went behind to light up one more time before they headed back down the hill did little to disguise what was happening.  Like I said- precious and cute, like naughty little puppies or toddlers.

    Other than the MMJ aromatics, the hike was blessedly uneventful.  The scenery was beautiful in that very typical, Western Washington kind of landscape of lots of water features, beautiful plants and interesting trail path.  Lots of vine maples and deciduous trees, some old growth logging evidence from the olden days, greenery like crazy.  It could be a nice autumnal hike.  I always am fascinated at the diversity of terrain on trail- from perfectly flat to climbing over boulders to bridges to millions of roots- it’s all there.

     The waterfalls were gorgeous, but if I’m perfectly honest, the bathrooms at the base of the trail were so bad that I really couldn’t use them at the start of the trail and I ended up compromising my experience.  Peeing has become a ‘thing’ for me lately- I just go to the bathroom and within 15-25 minutes my bladder is full again.  It’s really put a crimp on my running and hiking-SERIOUSLY!  Anyhow…  I’m not kidding when I say that I could smell the toilet from 25 paces and the flies that were swarming the toilet left me with the feeling that I would also be leaving with fly larvae embedded in rather sensitive places… So I started the trail with a full bladder and by the time I got to the top I had to do it all, 1,2 and everything else- it’s also shark week!  I practically ran down the hill after hoovering down my sandwich next to the waterfall just to jump in the car that, and I’m not kidding, Bradley ran ahead to open up and start becasue things were that desperate. We stopped at the nearest grocery store for another disgusting bathroom, but without the flies, at least it was palatable! So, word to the wise, when you stop for your weed, also use the toilet! Kidding, of course. There’s a McDonald’s on the way out- stop there and use it. It’s the last nice toilet. Seriously.  

    It was a beautiful, fun, adventurous day with a few funny stories thrown in to boot!

    My review on the WTA Bridal Veil Falls Site.

    Future hikes planned:

    ***And let me just say that all the stoner talk was just for silliness.  I’m certainly NOT encouraging anyone to get high and hike or even just get high.  Getting used to the new laws regarding marijuana is just interesting to observe, and this is the first time I’ve really seen it out and about so publicly that it simply became a big part of our adventure.  šŸ˜‰

    • Ready Freddie

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      We’ve been going for a run every day since I was cleared by the doctor, on Monday.  While we take Freddie with us, she’s been totally babied on all of our adventures.  Understandably- I mean, she is still just 13 weeks old!   In my books, that’s a baby!  So as we’ve been running and walking here, there, around this or that, we’ve picked her up to carry her, allowed her to meander across the trail, let he jump up and, essentially, just have bad leash/walk manners.  Again, it’s understandable.  She’s just a puppy!  We’ve just been happy that she doesn’t chew on the leash or try to run away.  Our philosophy is kindness, always, with a dose of dominance when challenged, and we’ve always had pets that’s we love and who love us in return.  We train them, respect them, reward them and love them deeply so they don’t run away and when they do run, upon their return we cover them with attention and love, making them question why they would ever run to begin with!  

      It’s worked, so far, but Freddie is different.  She’s willful, protective, has a self-perception of being tough and she’s overly attracted to gross stuff (meaning she will make a deaf beeline to rotten stuff, scarfing it up as fast as possible before I can get there).  Martha was so engaged with BALL or STICK that she stayed right with us, unless she had a fetch mission, but then she was right back with us.  The one thing that we’ve realized works is me.  If I stay in front of her, she is relentless.  When she’s on leash, Gigi has to stay far enough behind me that the dog doesn’t get tangled in my feet but close enough that she doesn’t get scared and freak out.  After running like that for three days or so she’s gotten into kind of a ‘heel’ practice that allowed me to trust her to try out off-leash running today AND SHE WAS AWESOME!  She was able to run with me for three times around the track off leash.  She stayed right behind me, never jumped up, never wove herself between my legs!  When she saw another runner whiz by me she got really excited, but otherwise she stayed right on heel.  I’m so proud of my little runner pupper!  We are going to be great partners!!!

      (I took three minutes off my time for the extensive selfie taking.  Taking selfies with a dog is not easy!)

      Otherwise, it was a lazy day.  I folded laundry, Gigi learned to play and sing a song on her guitar, Freddie slept and the boys invented a new game.  Perfecto summer day!!  I’m feeling very happy about my exercise and nutrition progress this week.  šŸ™‚


    Gigi Said

    • Topless Tapas 2012-11-03 18:44:52-

      Tami was leaving to go out with her friend and the kids begged to go with her. I said, "you don't want to go with mom, she is going to the Tapas bar and we are going to stay here and play games."

      Gigi stiffened, "That's weird", she said as she blushed. I processed fast and realized the problem. "TAPAS bar. It means 'small plate', not TOPLESS bar!"

    Jude Said

    • Nicknames 2013-01-04 21:30:33-

      The checker at the store asked our always conversational little boy what his name was. He replied "Jude" then added "but sometimes they call me pumpkin brown". LOL.

      And they are right. We call him that after the folksong that we sing sometimes.

    A long time ago…